Welcome to the Blob Series WikiEdit

This wikia is about the Blob Series created on Scratch by SihejoPeople. So far, only Blob Raiser has been released as a demo.


The Blob series is a new fan-made series on Scratch. There are six main Blobs in the series so far. They are Normal Blob, Sword Blob, Health Blob, Special Blob, Shield Blob, and Wing Blob. The actual release date for Blob Raiser is said to be sometime in October.


"Blob Raiser" is about a Blob and his five friends who have to rescue Blob's family from E.V.I.L. (Extreme Villains Interrupting Life) Incorporated. His homeland, Blobland, Is being terrorized by the E.V.I.L. and the Blobs must defeat it once and for all and return peace to their land. The family (also known as the Blob Family) is Papa Blob, Mama Blob, and Baby Blob.

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